Support Group-Spenshult


For questions or more information, contact us: 

Tel: +46 84-100 27 22

Activities happening

  • Baking: Every Friday 15:30-18:00
    The activity is for women to get more knowledge about other cultures with raising their social situation through participation.
  • Playstation: Every Thursday 13:00-15:00 and Friday 15:30-17:00
    For all youth to meet new people and try to improve their psychological situation. 
  • Bicycles: Every Monday and Thursday 12:00-15:00
    The program helps people on fixing and repairing their own bikes, riding bikes and getting the knowledge about the common regular for that.
  • Fishing: Every Sunday 14:30-20:00
    We go out fishing together with others from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Hairdresser: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (whole day)
    All men and women can use this room trying to communicate using Swedish as a way to improve their language.
  • And other activities as sports, games and more entertainment activities.

Think you can help? just send us and we find somthing fits you:)