Support Group-Gothenburg

Bilal Almobarak

For questions or more information, contact Bilal: 

Tel: +46 79-304 64 28

Activities happening


  • BIM course for engineers: every Saturday 15:00-20:00
    To prepare the newcomer engineers to the job market through explaining and training on programmes that are required in the Swedish context. 
  • Food Over Borders: check our next meeting by visiting our Facebook page.
    Intercultural meetings to exchange cuisines between swedes and newcomers.
  • Inclusive Internatlization:
    For PhD students who would like to complete their PhD in Sweden or to know more about what job opportunities there are for them outside the academia. 
  • Mentor program in Gothenburg’s University: 
    The University Friend Mentor program aims to introduce newcomers to higher studies, by matching them with students and doctoral students from the University of Gothenburg. The mentoring program is based on mutual learning and exchange, all in a fun and useful way.
  • UN Arabic Language Day: 18 December
    Preparing a pilot to celebrate the UN day for Arabic language as it is growing in Sweden. The next step is to celebrate other languages.

Think you can help? just send us and we find somthing fits you:)

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