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Get in touch, join the team or support us

There is several ways to get involoved with Support Group Network-SGN:

  • Contact us if you have questions or comments.
  • Intern, volunteer or work with us. JOIN OUR TEAM.
  • Make a donation to support us in different fields.

How can you get involved

Become a volunteer

Are you someone who cares about the society and believes in group power to change the situation to the better?
Do you have an idea or an initiatvie and need help doing it? Then you are at the write place!
Do not hesitate to contact us to apply your first initiative with us as soon as possible.

A company and want to hire? 

Are you looking for a new employee to your company?
We will present you the best candidates with profissional experience. 

Currently Missing

  • Gymnastics Hall for the youth organisation to organise a football tournament.
  • Classroom Including about 20 computers for a class in photoshot for our photograhy.
  • Bicycles We are launching Saturday bike adventures butr not all participanst have access to bikes. All sizes and styles are more than welcome!
  • Swedish dictionaries We are running out and could really make use of a few.
  • Paint We are planning to renovate one of our buildnings and would love some paint. Prefered colours include greens, blues and res.
Thank you
Yes, I can help