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Refugees, asylum seekers, new arrivals, migrants, local societies, associations and NGO's, municipalities, governmental institutions and international organizations



What is SGN?

Support Group Network, SGN, is a non-profit NGO initiated by refugees and collaborates with local societies.

We design and implement initiatives that contribute to better integration and inclusion programs by offering needs-based, meaningful projects based on empowerment, self-organization and strategic corporation.

Encouraging refugees own initiatives and support them in all fields: (social, cultural, educational, health and psychological care) and gather advocacy for their cases in all levels.
The organization is democratic and independent of political, national and religious parties.
The organization uses means that operates in line with European and international rules to promote the organizations goals.
Our values is accountability, ambition, collaboration, creativity and integrity.

Support Group Network's Focus Areas

Empowerment, Self-organization and Advocacy

Empower asylum seekers, refugees and migrants’ own initiatives; provide them guidance, tools and resources to self-organize in different fields: (social, culture, education, sports, business, health and psychological care), and gather advocacy for their cases at all levels.

Promote Interculturality

We believe that the Intercultural dialogue is an important tool for refugees, migrants and local society to grasp the concept of living together constructively in a world where the cultural diversity is respected and valorized. To develop a sense belonging to the community, promote participation for everyone to work hand in hand for sustainable development, and to find local solutions for global problems.

Business Empowerment & Job Market Inclusion

Business empowerment and job market inclusion is an open platform where we provide self-empowerment and guidance services that match the competence of the asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to the needs of local job market in order to give a wider knowledge bases, better tools and opportunities to become appropriate candidates that match these job market requirements. In addition, we promote entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurial guidance to newcomers´ entrepreneurs and thereby the creation of new businesses or the development of the existing ones thus the creation of new job opportunities.

Academic Inclusion

We promote and facilitate refugees´ and newcomers´ rights in a proper access to the higher education, opening doors and guide them to evaluate their certificates, to be able to contribute to the society using their experience. In addition, we help universities to reach out to a bigger number of newcomers who are interested in completing their studies or those who want to start with an appropriate program to study. Furthermore, we build partnership with academia on national and European levels for the inclusion of refugees and newcomers in higher education where we collaborate with European University Association (EUA), the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF), Committee for academic refugees, Institut français de Suède, University West and Gothenburg University.


  • It all begins In August 2014 Support Group Network SGN started.
  • licensed in Sweden After two years of performing activites and projects at Restad Gård, biggest refugee camp in Sweden, SGN became officialy licensed non-profit organization  in July 2016.
  • ReAct Being supported by
    Save the Children and The ReAct Project, SGN has been established in 13 cities and 16 camps.
  • Europe More recently the SGN concept is spreading throughout Europe.


  • Human Rights Award in 2016 for SGN from Västra Götaland Region, Sweden.
  • Lifelong Learning Award (LLLAwards) in category of Best Practice, SGN was chosen one of the best ten inspiring initiatives in Europe.
  • Integration award for best integration project 2019 for (Strong Women Network Project)
  • Two of SGN projects have been chosen in two different occasions by SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) as model example that other Swedish municipalities should follow.


  • SGN want to function as an umbrella that gathers associations and individuals´ efforts aiming to enhance inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees through need-based activities and projects that challenge and change the traditional refugee reception and perception.
  • SGN encourages the intercultural reception of refugees that respect human dignity.


  • Empower and encourage refugees and migrants own initiatives and support them in all fields: (social, cultural, educational, sports, health and psychological care).
  • Make refugees actors and stakeholders for their own matters.
  • Gather advocacy for asylum seekers, refugees and migrant’s cases at all levels.
  • Facilitating the academic inclusion of refugees who want to complete their high studies; bachelor, masters, or PhD.
  • Promote the understanding of society’s norms to create a better integration and inclusion of children, youth, adults and families and provide them the tools to become active members in the society, with main focus on: diversity, gender equality, women and youth empowerment and children rights safeguarding.
  • Increase refugees’ employability and supporting them to start their own business.
  • supporting the academics to validate their certificates to contribute with their experience to their new societies.

Why us?


Our Background

Support Group Network (SGN), is initiated by refugees for refugees and the hosting societies, so this is a unique point that we don’t work with target group, we are the target group

Our Networks

SGN has a wide network in refugee camps and in the new arrivals and migrants communities, and we  collaborates with local NGOs to deliver the highest quality projects. Connecting with different people and organizations on both local and international level helps us to better initiative successful programs, projects and activities.

Our policies and governence model

SGN is a member based organization govern by democracy of members representatves who elect local boards that elect national boards.
SGN has high standard of professionalism bounded by a set of policies and procedures, ethics and transparency. Our systems ensure we maintain a professional approach, live up to our responsibilities, and abide by our internal and external regulations.

Our Team

Our team is formed of diverse group of people who has experience from all around the world with backgrounds in the humanitarian fields and who are committed to empower their communities and do sociatal change. We put all our efforts into goals and results.
Trust, ownership, and transparency are the foundation of our activities.

Our Quality

Support group network (SGN) Is a member based non-profit organization, Which means that the quality management is a continuous process of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring of resources to achieve desired objectives, impact and outcomes. It is a critical part of program management and it is not only left for our specialist staff but the Board of directors control it.

Planning capacity

We use the 7 Principles of planning and management capacity ((A.C.T.I.O.N.S)):

– Accountability
– Custodianship
– Transparency
– Integrity
– Order
– Non-deficit financing
– Standard documentation

Our Experience

Support Group Network initiate different kinds of programs and projects including women empowerment, business empowerment, academic inclusion, vocational trainings and livelihood support, grass-roots capacity building and development.
our project covers all fields: (social, cultural, business, educational, sports, health and psychological care).

Our Team guide a lot of refugees to self-organize and initiate a lot of projects and activitiesSGN works in partnership with NGOs, authorities and private sector to create strategic networks that works around self-organized groups for achieve social sustainability.

In Support Group Network, we depend too much on the concept of self-empowerment and the initiative ideas! we believe in human rights, diversity and democracy. And that the rights are not granted from one to another, the human being is born with his right! The government, the civil society and the local community’s mission is just to save those rights and make sure to deliver it to it’s owners.



Our Team

Board Members