The purpose of the project is to increase self-sufficiency for the target group of asylum seekers and to improve the mental state. This means that the project will work with health-promoting activities as well as guide and supervise the target group, improve the conditions for employment / internship or that entrepreneurs are given the conditions to start and run sustainable companies.

Support Group Network’s relationship with asylum seekers and new arrivals together with the developed collaboration model offers unique conditions for asylum seekers, new arrivals and foreign-born to achieve increased self-sufficiency.

The project is expected to provide valuable results and experience to help:


More asylum seekers and new arrivals come to work or entrepreneurship.


More effective collaboration between the actors regarding the target group.

Cultural Understanding

Collaborating actors gain an increased cultural understanding of the target group’s conditions

Better Knowledge

The target group gains better knowledge of the role and significance of the collaborating actors for their development.

A New Method

A method and working way where other actors can implement in other counties.

The project offers the target group two different paths to increased self-sufficiency: employment / internship or entrepreneurship. This can be seen as “A step in” for the target group. Special efforts will be made for e.g. women and young people.

A common thread in all activities is a focus on increased cultural understanding. A general role for the Support Group Network is as a cultural interpreter. In the project, these main activities will be implemented to strengthen an effective path to increased self-sufficiency.

Target group activities, employer relations, soft matching, collaboration and development programs for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

These activities will give the target group the right tools to take the step into the labor market and use the long waiting decision times to improve their own conditions for the Swedish labor market.

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