The project is aimed at ages 18-25 young people / adults and families.


The purpose is to provide support and guidance, psychosocial support, tools and knowledge about Swedish society, and to inform about entering the labor market that can lead to asylum seekers experiencing a sense of increased experience, self-confidence, autonomy and self-determination. This in turn can lead to a greater sense of participation in society. The purpose is also to counteract the passivity that often occurs in asylum accommodation.

We want to activate them with beneficial activities that make them want to leave their rooms and get motivation, that they should also get social with other residents and be able to feel a sense of belonging, loneliness increases the risk of feeling excluded and when you are already in an exposed situation, you can easily end up in a depression. In connection with this, we have needs-based activities several days a week. * Family activities – There we talk about what it is like to raise children in Sweden, we go into what laws there are for children / parents. We also go into differences that exist compared to their own countries. We also talk about how it works in a preschool / school, including dental care and medical care. We also have a family café where we practice the Swedish language. We also have some games where residents can play billiards, table tennis. We do courses when you play billiards, you learn English at the same time and then ping-pong with Swedish where we practice Swedish. We have included English because we also want to provide tools that they can benefit from if they are rejected and are not allowed to stay in Sweden.

English is a language that many around the world speak. We also go into what it is like as an asylum-seeking family in Sweden, what is easy, what is difficult, differences, etc. * Social orientation – How does Sweden work, politics, democracy, human rights, gender equality, discrimination. Here we go into a little on the different topics, we use a little of the material that is available at the county administrative board, including the tab called “To influence in Sweden”. We have also started a collaboration with the Integration Forum / Anti-Discrimination Agency, which comes and gives lectures on human rights that go into the topics above. We also talk about how to vote in Sweden and how our system works here. * Stress management – Here we have activities where we do some Yoga / exercises that make the body relax. We also have breathing exercises that are also good for reducing stress and anxiety. We also do some needlework (necklaces, bracelets, painting) that makes the residents focus on something else and feel relaxed. They themselves have said that they think these activities are very good and relaxing. * Digitization – Here we have computer knowledge for the residents, we go through how to handle a computer, how to create an email, how to go out on the internet. Here is a basic knowledge of the digital. Our goal is also to be able to provide knowledge that they can take with them if they are rejected in Sweden. That we have taught something that they also benefit from in other countries.

Malin Pettersson

Project leader

Tel: 076-913 07 81

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