Re:ACT is a concept about mobilization and empowerment of refugees in asylum seeking accommodations. Through these components’ refugees are encouraged to organize themselves in Support Groups and become actors of their own matters. The mobilization in Support Groups gives possibilities to refugees living in camps to initiate, implement and coordinate activities. This way it is ensured that activities that are being done at a specific camp are needs based and fulfill actual desires.

Parallel to the self- organization of refugees important local actors that are involved in the creation of a sustainable reception system among refugees are gathered. Officials from the Migration Agency, the municipality, the property owner and representatives from the refugee’s own self – organization (Support Group) are grouped in two networks, one on a strategic level and the other on an operative level.


The project is completed

The creation of these common platforms gives opportunities to key actors to agree on common objectives and re-structure the local work regarding the reception and integration system based on local conditions. Representatives from Support Group are part of the networks and therefore also a part of the process of identifying challenges and coming up with solutions that can be adapted in the local context. This way refugees and newly arrived can pursue advocacy based on their experience and needs. The coordination and cooperation between these two networks gives the key actors an opportunity to act in a spirit of partnership and contribute to a societal structural change based on ideas of inclusion, participation and cross- sectorial cooperation. Ideas that are necessary for social sustainability.

Re:ACT model

The ReACT model was initiated by Support Group Network in Restad Gård and supported by Save the Children and The ReAct Project.

The project’s funders

Funded by Västra Götland Region and Save The Children Sweden

Bilal Almobarak



Tel: +46 79 304 64 28

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