Support Group Network & N4N project

SGN participates in the Erasmus + project NEETs for NEETs – Improving inclusive methods to empower young adults together with partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Belgium.


NEETs are young adults who are neither at work, in training nor studying. NEETs stands for “neither in employment, nor education and training”.


The goal of the project

The project aims to prevent exclusion in order to get the target group into work or further schooling, in addition to increasing the competence of teachers. The project focuses on including NEETs and empowering them. The ReACT model has a central role in the project. The model was developed by refugees at Sweden’s largest asylum reception center Restad Gård in 2014. When the waiting time at the asylum reception center was over a year, the refugees themselves took the initiative to share their knowledge and skills with other refugees so that they could create meaning in the long waiting period and build something for the future.

The Re:ACT spreading in Europe. The ReACT model focuses on motivating people who are in a passive, waiting phase to do something meaningful, to organize themselves and support each other in their wishes and needs. In addition, the model focuses on volunteers and organizations that want to help refugees to do this based on the refugees’ needs and wishes, not based on assumptions about their needs and wishes. The dialogue with the refugees is important.

Re:ACT model

The ReACT model was initiated by Support Group Network in Restad Gård and supported by Save the Children and The ReAct Project.

The project’s uniqueness

For the first time, both employees and participants are participating in a project. A key element of NEETs for NEETs is that participants should contribute their experiences to developing the Re: act model so that it is as accurate as possible.

N4N purpose

Develop ReACT

Spread the use of, and develop the ReACT model as a tool to support young citizens without connection to working life or training ability to organize their own lives and collaborate with others to become better integrated.


Provide employees and NEETs training in ReACT to carry out local training of new employees and NEETs

Gather experience

Gather experience in digital compendiums that can be used for training after the end of the project

Eman Albohtori

Project’s coordinator


Tel: +46 76 039 36 72

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