Strengthening Asylum Project

The project called Strengthening Asylum is aimed at ages 18-25 young people / adults and families.


Support Group Network participates in the Erasmus + project NEETs for NEETs - Improving inclusive methods to empower young adults together with partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Belgium.

Nästa Steg Sverige

The purpose of the project is to increase self-sufficiency for the target group of asylum seekers and to improve their mental state.


The project aims to increase self-sufficiency of the project participants by offering them guidence to suitable educational paths, improving the conditions for employment / practice or creating own employment opportunities by starting or operating a profitable company.

Youth Center


For meaningful activity, learning and better everyday life.

Vänersborg Intercultural Center

We created an intercultural center in order to counteract discrimination, segregation and show the best effect of pluralism in the society by enhancing the intercultural dialogue to melt the borders between participants from different ages, situations and backgrounds through culture, art, language cafe and society awareness sessions, events, etc.

Strong Women Network

A meeting place for women with the aim of promoting intercultural dialogue among women from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Through the network they will be provided by various activities, lectures and trainings to help them build their abilities based on their interests and needs!