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The new pilot project – Intercultural Center in Vänersborg is inaugurated. In Vänersborg, there is now the center that wants to strengthen the ties between all the residents of the municipality.

– In Swedish society there are many different cultures that gather in different areas. It feels welcoming and wonderful. We like different colors in society, but what we are trying to achieve with Vänersborg’s Intercultural Center is to promote the intercultural dialogue, ”says Inam Alghoul, business developer at Support Group Network, who is the founder of the project.

The main purpose of the project is to create a platform, or rather a hub for all Vänersborgs from all cultures

– Tillsammans med bland annat myndigheter, Vänersborgs kommun och privata sektorn.

We effect positive
– We want to make a positive impact on society and all people living in Vänersborg. Through workshops, seminars, activities and information exchange between us and other actors, we want to bring people together and reduce distances, says Sofie Gålbom, business developer together with Inam.

Since 2018, the idea has been around and a lot of work has been going on. On Friday, when the inauguration took place, the dream of the Intercultural Center came true. Until December it is a pilot project, but Inam explains that they obviously hope the evaluations will be positive and result in full operations.

Understanding and increased knowledge
– It’s great fun that this has finally become a reality. The goal is that the project never disappears and helps everyone gain a deeper understanding of each other and increased knowledge of everyone’s different cultures. Then we will be able to more easily integrate with each other, ”she says.

Among balloons and congratulations, the inauguration started with coffee and mingle, followed by speech and entertainment. Among the visitors was Lara Mashrky, who to say the least is looking at the new venture.

– I think it’s great and fun especially. It is so important that all cultures meet, socialize and do fun things together.

Among the projects are the founder, Support Group Network, Vänersborg Municipality, the University West, the Västra Götaland region and the Open society foundation.

Maria Johansson