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A Think tank has been formed to support the work on the new regional development strategy Västra Götaland 2030. It contains a mix of people with skills and background from different areas and industries.

To support the work of developing the upcoming regional development strategy, the think tank (think tank) will help identify areas of great importance to Västra Götaland. This can be to see potential risks or to find unused synergies to help make the final strategy relevant and relevant. This can be done, for example, by providing response questions and areas that emerge during the process. To ensure that we have an agile – moving mindset in both the work with the VG2030 and how the strategy will be applied during the coming decade and until 2030.

Some of the perspectives that the think tank plans to work with are:

  • The outside world – for example, how we are affected by global events, crises and conflicts
  • Industry and innovation – eg digitalisation and globalization
  • Participation and culture – for example, what holds us together and creates participation in society
  • Climate – eg natural disasters, demands for energy conversion
  • Food and health – for example, how we manage food supply, conditions for a good life
  • The conditions of different places – eg unequal geography with real and perceived boundaries

The members
The think tank is associated with the RUS process but works independently and net neutrally (independent of its organization). The members of the think tank participate based on their own experiences and networks. If necessary, the idea will bring in additional people for complementary perspectives and in-depth discussion.

Bo Norrman, Dr Med Sci and innovation advisor at Chalmers innovation office with a background in life science in particular, leads the group. He has previously worked on assignments from the Västra Götaland region, in the Stockholm region, among others at the Karolinska Institute, as development manager at a biotech company and as a marine researcher in both the Gulf of Bothnia and the USA.

Kristina Grange, professor of urban building theory, architecture and community building technology, Chalmers, where she leads the research group Urban and Regional Transformations. Her research deals with, among other things, uneven geographical development and how political processes affect planning

Anna Graaf, Civil Engineer Road and Water from Chalmers and sustainability manager at White Architects. White works extensively on issues related to climate and sustainability in both architecture and community building, including its social aspects.

Adnan Abdul Ghani, computer engineer from Syria with long experience from work in China who ended up in Vänersborg as a refugee. There, in collaboration with Save the Children, he has started projects to utilize the knowledge of new arrivals and these ideas have been disseminated both nationally and internationally.

Lars-Göran Rosengren, formerly for many years CEO of Volvo technology, now active in Lindholmen science park with questions about competence supply, industrial development and AI but also within the EU around the research programs within Horizon 2020.

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